New Look, Same REVERIE.

At REVERIE, we view sustainability as a holistic endeavor - from how our ingredients are grown, worker welfare along our supply chain, our formulations, business operations and packaging.  We believe creating any product comes with distinct environmental responsibilities, we consider the impact of every decision in order to mitigate our impact on the planet. Through relationships with like-minded, eco-drive suppliers and partners, we are proud to be leading and encouraging this methodology within the haircare industry.

When making decisions on our evolved packaging we took into consideration opinions from experts, analyzing life cycle analysis, carbon emissions, and recycling options widely available in the United States and abroad.  Eventually we made the decision that 100% traceable Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) PET #1 for our plastic items and 70% PCR glass for Cake + Ever.  As always, our bottles are printed with ink, eliminating the need for labels. 


- Using PCR increases demand for recycling creating more incentive for Material Recovery Facilities (the companies responsible for managing our recycling) to recycle plastic. 

- PCR takes on average 65% less energy = carbon to produce.

- By using PCR we have reduced the amount of plastic and glass heading to landfill.

- More demand for PCR will eventually lead to a decrease in price making it more widely accessible.  As it stands, buying virgin plastic is cheaper that buying PCR.  A bit backwards, no?  

- The more brands that use PCR and spread the message, the more other brands will want to make the switch!  


We are constantly striving to do better across the board without compromising quality.  In addition to these initiatives, we offset our carbon emissions with contributions to Carbon Fund and are Certified Plastic Negative through our partnership with rePurpose Global which you can read more about HERE.