Salon Quality Blowout At Home

It Starts in the Shower

Pre-shampoo treatment with Ever Recovery Oil.  Apply root to ends, leave-in for at least 20 minutes up to overnight.  This will work to seal the cuticle to lock in moisture and help prevent frizz.

Gentle, yet deep cleansing with Suna Exfoliating Shampoo to ensure the canvas is free of build-up, and excess sebum.  Ensuring a thorough clean is crucial to a lasting blowout.  If you aren’t using Suna, double cleanse with Shampoo. Follow-up with Conditioner if needed, otherwise, skip it.

Post-shower, use a microfiber hair towel to gently blot out excess water - never use a heavy bath towel to wrap hair on top of the head.  Wet hair is fragile, treat it with care.

Prepped For Success

Once the excess water has been blotted from the hair, reach for Milk Anti-Frizz Leave-in Nourishing Treatment to lock in moisture, detangle and protect against thermal damage.  Start with a couple pumps and build up to the amount your hair favors.  If your hair is medium to thick or curly - add a pump or 2 of Ever Recovery Oil to Milk for an extra dose of moisture and protection.

If you have fine hair, spritz Mare Mediterranean Sea Mist around the crown to give you lift.

Tools Matter

A quality brush, dryer and clips are going to be your superstars to ensure the best possible outcome at home. Here are the tools veteran hairdresser (and REVERIE founder) Garrett Markenson recommends:


This Koh-I-Noor Konika brush is excellent for detangling all hair types + textures.  The widespread bristles are tough enough to banish knots, but gentle enough to not cause breakage.

Styling Medium, Thick or Curls

If you’re working with short to medium length hair, reach for the Jaspe Small Round Brush.  For shoulder length or longer, the Jaspe Large Round Brush is the ticket.

For curls of all tightness, this mixed boar bristle + nylon Koh-I-Noor Jaspe brush is going to get close to the scalp to hold tension and deliver satin-y results.

Styling Fine Hair

The YS Park 60-G1 is the pros go to for sleek blowouts.  It creates lift at the roots and mega volume throughout.

Hair Dryers

We prefer lightweight dryers with a powerful motor, attachments and multiple heat settings like the ones below.  If you've never used the attachments that come with your dryer, now is the time! 

Dyson SuperSonic - This is the top pick for the power, longevity, and attachment variety.  They even have a 

Ghd Helios - A solid pick at a nice price (diffuser attachment is sold separately).

Section With Ease

You can use your fingers to section hair or a tail comb, these Shark Clips will help hold the hair out of the way and prevent creases.

Section your hair into five 1.5" sections (two in front, two in back and 1 on top) and secure each section with clips.

The Technique

Rough dry hair 80% before bringing out the brushes to reduce damage/breakage to the hair.

Place the brush as close to the scalp as you can get, with the dryer on medium heat, using the nozzle attachment on the dryer pointed down begin slowly working down the hair shaft throughly drying hair as you reach the ends.

Work back to front.  Finer hair dry the mohawk section first and set with velcro rollers for major volume that lasts.

You can finish with the hair wrapped around the brush for a classic looking blowout or turn the brush vertical and fully wrap the hair around it as if you were using a curling iron for a curlier, bouncier blowout.   

Either way, finish with a cold-shot before gently removing the brush.   

Finishing Touches

Milk for fine to medium hair.   

Rake Styling Balm to finish hick, curly or frizz prone hair.