Y.S. Park Pro Curl and Shine 60g-1



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The Y.S. Park 60G1 Curl Shine Brush is made with natural boar bristles and heat resistant polyamide pins. Specially sized to suit all blow drying needs; faster drying always means less heat damage.

The long heat resistant polyamide pins (orange) smoothly grab and lustrously straighten the hair while the short boar bristles (white) create gleaming curls resulting in a finish incomparable to any other. 

Made in Japan

How it works

Great for smoothing curly textures.  Curl Shine Super G-series Stylers are made from natural Teak wood. Designed with both Boar bristle and heat resistant Nylon pins alternating rows. The Boar bristles smooth the hair’s cuticle while the Nylon pins grab and pick up sections of hair with ease. Allowing you to brush through the hair easier than 100 percent Boar bristle Stylers. 


Made in Japan. H60×W60×L220mm


Do not immerse handle in water.