The Process Of Creating Products In A Crowded Space

Crowds make me uncomfortable. Not just the people, I enjoy people, but the aesthetic of a space with crowds is so off-putting and not relaxing. Similar to some beauty retail spaces, filled walls of cupcake-colored bottles, mirrors, and textures. As a painter, when the canvas has too many variations in color, in can begin to look muddy or almost lost. We know less is more but sometimes we overthink design. As a hairdresser, it’s not what I cut but more what I leave on the client that matters.

Quietly resisting drives my creative process. If I see something I don’t like, as in life, I resist. I have done hair now for 16 years, owned a salon for 10 years, and owned my brand REVERIE for 6 years. Marketing my business for me is organic. It’s a extension of my art. As an artist, teaching technique is possible but good taste is unique. In some ways the challenge is similar to the idea of teaching someone to be a good kisser. Passion is not teachable but some of my process are.


People’s vanities and bathrooms are not sponsored. Keep this in mind, as your branding and real estate is meant to positively enhance your consumers’ daily rituals. Not look like a NASCAR.  No one prints business cards anymore so there’s no need for your packaging design to reflect that too.


If you’re looking at what everyone else is doing, you’re already behind. As a beauty brand owner, the last thing I chat about is what other brands are doing. My inspiration comes from my personal travels, bottles of wine with friends, or anything really outside my industry.


What worked for you in the past might not work moving forward. The landscape is progressing rapidly. Surround yourself with people that interest you. Working as a hairdresser has been very inspirational. Every hour I meet artists, parents, chefs… choose to be an active listener.


YES the ones you hang on a wall. NOT just things you like on Instagram or Pinterest.  Create a visual script. Juxtapose your culture and strategy. No one can read your mind but they can appreciate how a mood board speaks to them and begin to walk with it.


Consumers: they are in control of what they invite into their space. Everything they add has sounds, scents, etc… story is essential.  Nothing is more enjoyable than wine tasting in Napa and listening to the story of the makers and their harvests. Your product story is now in their space and everyone loves story time. Make that a parent of your design.