Hair and Photography Garrett Markenson

Make up Javier Mena 

We spent the day in down town Los Angeles with Madeline Follin of the band CULTS. I first saw them live at FYF in 2010. Their self titled album "CULTS" is played at our salon on repeat. Madeline's sweet innocent vocals mix with a motown vibe creates a dream pop sensation. I've been a fan for years now and have been patiently waiting for their latest album, "Offering". We prep for the shoot at the Ace Hotel. I pressed a wave with a flat iron, she has so much hair. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. I broke up her waves with MARE and RAKE. Then we walked to the historical Bradbury Building. We shot till we got kicked out then went through Central Market.  I can't begin to describe how many eyes were fixed on Madeline as we walked down Broadway. 

Who/What do you miss when your on tour? So much.  My family, friends, bed, home cooked meals...but it is so worth it. I’ve got FaceTime, grocery stores and a pillow/blanket from home to get me through it. 

What do you enjoy most and why? You know, it honestly changes depending on my mood. I am so lucky to be able to do what I do. There is not much I dislike about any part of it besides missing family and friends. When I am writing I am looking forward to recording, when I am recording I am looking forward to touring, and when I am touring I am excited to get back to writing. I love every part of the process. 

Congrats on your new album. Tell us about the album artwork. Brian and I decided we wanted the cover to be a photo of someone’s hands reaching towards the sky placed in an “offering” type position. We reached out to my friend Scarlett Connolly, who is an amazing photographer, and went upstate to an indoor softball field and shot the cover. It was very homegrown. My mom and stepdad helped with the art direction and lighting and then Taylor Johnson of Mortis Studio put the whole thing together! 

What is your favorite smell? Coconut. Which is very strange because I actually don’t like the taste of it. The smell reminds me of being at the beach/summer.

Spirt animal and why? Everyone in my band insists that my spirit animal is a cat. When I am at home I like to chill and lounge out but if you cross me the claws will come out!

Your hair is beautiful. What are your thoughts on hair? Thank you! I hate cutting it. My hair stylist, Candice Birns, lives in LA so I only cut it when we are in the same city/have enough time on a shoot which is usually about three times a year. Even then I beg her to only take off what is necessary. It’s amazing because she somehow manages to make my hair look like it is longer after the cut. She is the best. I only wash it once a week and usually let it air dry, unless I have something I am dressing up for. If that is the case I blow my hair out which ends up taking me an hour!

What hair/salon experience? I have never worked in a salon but there was a point in time where I somehow become the go-to person for cutting all my guy friends hair. I feel like I was pretty bad at it but everyone kept coming back for more haircuts (probably because they were free.) At a certain point I had to cut them off. I would get so stressed out and worried before/during the cut that the person was going to hate the way it looked. You have to be fearless to be a hairstylist and I definitely was not. 

Where do you want to here your music being enjoyed? I like listening to music most in the car, so I guess that is where I would like people to enjoy our music. There is nothing better than driving in your car alone and being able to listen to your music at whatever volume you want without interruption. 

What do you enjoy about REVERIE? I love that it is made for everyone. It is not marketed specifically to men or women. Everyone in my band begs to use my all of my reverie products on tour. I also try to use mostly organic products made with natural ingredients. The shampoo leaves my hair clean without feeling dry and it smells so good I want to bottle it and use it as a perfume. 

Where was your fist kiss? I don’t kiss and tell. 

First Album? The first cassette I ever got was Hanson “MMMBop”. I played that thing until the tape fell out.