Justine Marjan

Years behind the chair  12 

Daily essentials Olly Undeniable Beauty and Flawless Complexion Gummy Vitamins, Wander Beauty lipstick in Miss Behave, Good American Good Waist lace up jeans, Adore Organics Facial Serum, Kayo Body Serums and Moisturizer, What She Wears UK Chokers, Tony Bianco Boots, My mophie charger, Gucci bag, Kylie Cosmetics gel eyeliner in black

Magazine crush I love Elle and Marie Claire

How did you get into hair? I had always loved hair, beauty, fashion and art, but started cutting and coloring my own hair in high school with all my friends because no one could cut our hair the way we liked. We would get really creative and experiment with tons of different cuts and colors in my friends garage. I finished high school early and started working as a receptionist at a salon. I loved it so much, I decided to go to beauty school at night and assist in the salon during the day.


How do you build your brand? Be authentic to who you are, don’t be shy, and don’t be jealous!

How do you conduct a successful consultation? You have to take into consideration so many things. If you are just styling their hair: where are they going, what are they wearing, will they be inside or outside, what will the weather be like, what is most flattering on them, will they be on camera or taking photos, what do they feel most comfortable with?

If you are cutting, you have to ask them: when did they love their hair last, what do they love most about their hair now, what do they hate about their hair now, how often do they get it cut, what do they do to style their hair, do they need something low maintenance, do they wear their hair up often, will they be coloring it soon, what is most flattering on their face, etc.

Do you say no to your clients? I never say no, but if I don’t like their look, I may suggest something different or a way of tweaking something to make it most flattering on the person.


Do you have a signature approach with your technique? I honestly don’t think so! I love texture as much as I love sleek and structured looks. Most of all, I love making a woman feel the most confident and beautiful.

Whats in your kit Tresemme Keratin Smooth Serum and Hairspray, OUAI Medium Hairspray, REVERIE MARE and MILK, ghd hot tools, Ricky’s taupe hair clips and no crease clips, a TON of extensions, Bumble and bumble Dryspun Finishing Spray, Oribe Smooth Styling Serum


Do you enjoy the work or the end product? I love every aspect! I love working with such inspiring women and making them feel their best. I love the transformation and how different hairstyles can bring out different personas in each person or transform the way they feel. 

Who do you look to for inspiration on Instagram? @luxyfashion, @jennifer_yepez, @haileybaldwin, @madisonbeer, @selenagomez

Have you ever felt discouraged in your craft? I would love to meet someone who hasn’t! Working freelance, we all get the freelance blues. Our work is such an ebb and flow. Sometimes you are so busy you don’t have time for everyone and sometimes you are are free as a whistle. As artists, it’s easy for us to be hard on ourselves and dissect every detail of what we do or to compare ourselves to others. I always try to think with perspective and take a step back and appreciate the slow times as much as the busy times. I always think about what else I could be doing and put 110% into everything. I truly believe that every thing I do should be the best I can possibly do, that way I keep growing.