Chelsea Wolfe

REVERIE by definition means a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream. During the creative development process of our latest project, EVER Recovery Hair Oil, I was listening to a lot of Chelsea Wolfe. I would find myself lost in the intensely private lyrics and unpredictable scores. Her hypnotic sounds helped to inspire a visual story. A personal and subjective translation. It became a guide for my creative direction.  We collaborated together on the shoot. Creating art together was a dream come true.  

Collaboration has always been a part of REVERIE. Our sustainably sourced ingredients from around the world is a result of our partnership with small farms. It is our responsibility to respect their craft, harvest, and passion by creating something beautiful.  

Every intimate design within our line has a story.  The essential oil blend chosen for MILK and EVER are inspired by wine tasting. During the discovery process, I selected my favorite notes and characters from different varietals; a constant reminder of my love for wine and the paint brush of the vintner. CAKE and RAKE are a nostalgic tribute to my time living in Florence, Italy.  The incense and wet cement found in monumental places of worship equally shared in the celebration of my love for Italian pastries. 

My wish with REVERIE is for you to discover your own journey through personal experiences.  May our blend of essential oils create nostalgic memories, a more simple life, a toxic-free experience for your children to enjoy and better hair days.

As ever,

Garrett Markenson

Founder / Owner


We meet because of each others art. How did you first discovery Reverie?

I share a hometown with the lovely and talented Ericka Verrett and reconnected with her a few years ago when she did my hair. That day she told me about MILK and used some on my hair. I was obsessed with how great and unique it smelled and looked up Reverie when I got home to learn more.


What is the worst hair cut/salon/ color experience you’ve ever had.

In the past, every few years I would get this urge to try something different like blonde or platinum but as soon as my hair would start to get lighter I felt totally out of my element and would get it dyed back to dark! So I’ve had some awkward in-between hair colors but it’s always my own fault, haha. I’m finally at a point where I’m not messing with the color and just letting it grow long. I’m getting hair inspiration from weird places, like, Friesian horses and their long wavy hair!


Your show in LA was incredible.  I have to celebrate your fans and also ask have you ever received anything from them that you have as a keep sake?

Thank you. Yes, I definitely have some wonderful fans.. It’s still unbelievable to me sometimes, but I’m very grateful. I’ve seen the audiences grow slowly over the years but there are some faces that have been there since the very beginning and that’s so cool. Also, yes, I’ve gotten some lovely gifts from them - clothing or jewelry pieces, framed drawings, crystals and good luck charms. I cherish them all. The most wild is when people show me their tattoos with my lyrics!

Do you have any personal ghost stories?

When I was in middle school I had a Casio keyboard that you could record three songs onto. I recorded a simple piano pattern on the first track, a beat onto the second, and the third track stayed open for a long time. One day I came home from school with an idea for a song to record onto the third track. When I went to record it though I noticed there was something on it so I hit play. It started with my piano pattern from the first track, but then dropped into a beautiful, dark theme that was based on my idea, but went in some places I would never think to go, and the playing was much more advanced than myself or anyone in my family could do. Then there was a pause, and it came back in with the pattern in a sound that was not even part of the keyboard.. it was almost like the sound of water dropping into a well. It went back into my pattern and ended. I sat there with tears streaming down my face - you know those tears? Some people get them when hearing about or interacting with the spiritual realm.. Anyway, I played it again and recorded it onto my handheld recorder, then eventually made it into an mp3 so I still have it somewhere. It’s probably unrelated but maybe it’s appropriate to mention that I lived next to a cemetery at the time. I’d peek through the fence and listen to people singing at the funerals. 


What do you do when you can’t sleep?

Work on some music, smoke weed, read a book, or watch a Hayao Miyazaki movie. 


Is there a moment or image that sparks the story for you when creating an album? Where do you go for inspiration?

Often there is a kind of spark, but I don’t ever know when to expect it. That’s why I work constantly - I work when I’m inspired instead of setting an allotted time for myself. I don’t write in the recording studio - I work in my home studio for months and months and then when all the songs are ready and demo’d out, then I head in with a producer or engineer and make an album. I get a lot of inspiration from books and films, and from world news. I’m inspired by what’s happening around me and beyond me. 

It was nice to spend a day with you at the Rocks then finish with a cold beer from the Saugus Cafe.  How was the experience for you?

It was a great day. I love when a crew comes together in a way where it feels like friends being creative together, rather than some kind of forced art project. Most of the shoots I’m involved with are with friends, and are kind of DIY. I’m usually more happy with those shoots than with the ones that have a big budget but maybe the styling is not what I’d normally wear and there’s a crew of people who’ve never met each other, etc. Our shoot was quite natural and peaceful and I think it was the right feeling for Reverie. 

Photographer Matthew Kazarian 

Make Up Ericka Verrett

Hair Garrett Markenson 

Wardrobe belongs to Chelsea and the location of the shoot was Vasquez Rocks in Southern California 


The shoot began on Sunday at my salon, Coiffure, coloring Chelsea’s hair.  The consultation was simple; dark but not black or warm. I applied EVER Recover Hair Oil, 6 drops all over as a pre-color treatment to protect and soften her hair.



3/4 Level 3 Neutral

1/4 Level 5 Ash

2 oz of Violet Pearl Concentrate 

1.9 % Developer


I applied her base first and allowed her to process for about 15 minutes then dampened down her length and applied the rest for about 10 minutes.


On dry hair, I started at her nape with small horizontal sections and cut off all her dead ends within the shape. This was a great way to clean her up. My technique was a-line with zero degrees elevation that was point cut with some face framing layers. The shape was triangle, pushing weight towards her shoulders. Finishing the technique with my signature work.


I wanted to interpret her styling from they way she wears it during her live shows; a worn look with movement and shine. On wet hair I applied 3 drops of EVER Recovery Hair Oil all over then proceeded to hand dry. I then curled her hair in loose sections alternating my pattern to create a natural texture. I let the sections cool then applied a cocktail of about a dime size of RAKE Styling Balm and 2 drops of EVER Recovery Hair Oil to breakdown the shapes; creating separation and personality. Finally I misted her down with water to create a more lived in look.  The wind did the rest.