Corinna Hernadez

How long have you been doing hair and what were you doing before hair? 20 yrs
I was an office manager full time for a Physical Therapy/Pilates Studio while going to beauty school part time.

What advise to you have for the next generation of hairdressers? Work to learn in the beginning. Not for the most money.

How do you stay curious? The more I learn, the more I know I need to learn.

Whats in your kit? All iron sizes, flat iron, 2 small pin kits, bone combs, tail comb, boar bristle styling brushes, clips, water bottle, power bar w ext. scissors, guarded and unguarded razor, trimmers, cape and towels and Reverie MILK.

What is your creative process or signature approach? I wish I was more creative, I have to look up references and study beforehand.