Blake Armstrong

How did you end up here? I was doing set design for a theatre and my director came up to me and said I painted really well and said we’d lost our makeup artist so I would be their new one. She gave me a stage makeup book and the rest just all fell into place from there.

Best life advice you’ve received so far? I was in Canada at film school learning about film makeup and prosthetics and one of my teachers commented on a period makeup I’d finished. She walked up and said “This is too pretty. It’s got to look like they did it.” Ever since then things just clicked a bit and I’ve really thought a lot more about the backstory of a lot of makeups I’ve done and how the journey to that final look is created.

Name 2 things you absolutely have to do every morning to start your day. I have to take a shower every morning and I have this strange tick of when getting out of the shower, I hit my right foot on my bathtub lightly. I don’t understand it at all but it weirdly calms me down. 😂 Must have ice Green tea in the morning. Must!

Do you have a mentor? I don’t have a mentor per say but I for sure have a lot of people I look up to or work hard to strive to emulate. Artists like Eryn Krueger Mekash, Kim Ayers and Tami Lane are three women who I’m so lucky to have befriended over the past few years and it really has shown me how to work hard and what it means to still be kind to others while letting your work and talent speak for you.

Favorite essential oil? It would have be rose oil or aaaanything with roses.