Hair Oiling Ritual


Hair oiling makes me nostalgic for my childhood in Nepal. It’s nourishing, relaxing and bonding. I still practice this beautiful ritual on myself and sometimes on my husband, just like my mom would do for my dad. ✨Here’s my bi-weekly haircare ritual using EVER recovery hair oil. ✨

Step 1: I always brush my hair and scalp using the boar brush by @gmreverie before oiling my hair. This step helps remove all the knots and tangles and limits breakage, it’s been especially important because my pandemic hair is super long.

Step 2: Next, I rub the oil into my palms to warm the oil (and take in the divine smell). With the @gmreverie ever oil, a little goes a long way so that means 3-4 drops for thick hair like mine.

Step 3: Once warmed, I start by massaging my scalp thoroughly in circular motions for about 10-15 minutes. 

Step 4: Then, I focus on the length of my hair, taking another 2-3 drops of oil to coat it well.

To make sure that the oil is evenly distributed, I leave it on for an hour before braiding it loosely to sleep on. Then in the morning, I shampoo and condition my hair with cold water (I know this isn’t everyone’s favorite, but it makes a difference over time). 

I’ve been enjoying Ever Recovery Oil because the two key ingredients marula serum, crambe abyssinica have high omega 6 and 9 fatty acids which helps nourish, smooth my hair and keeps my scalp healthy. The third key ingredient Squalane also helps decrease frizz.