Natural Remedies For Dandruff

The first step towards ridding yourself of dandruff is identifying which issue you are dealing with - as it is a little known fact that dandruff & dry scalp are NOT the same thing. Dandruff is usually associated with excess oil production and fungal overgrowth, particularly Malassezia. Differentiating between dandruff and dry scalp can be as easy as examining the flakes:

Small, dry flakes = dry scalp
Medium to large flakes that look oily= dandruff

As with most outward symptoms of imbalance, you’ll need to address internal balance (gut health) as well to truly see lasting change. If the natural treatments you are using don’t seem to be working, it is important to speak with your doctor about what might be getting in the way of a flake-free hair day.

Below are some tried and true recommendations for managing dandruff:

• Rosemary oil treatments daily (finding a high-quality, cold-pressed oil is key here)
• Apple cider vinegar spritz 20 mins before washing 2x per week
• Brushing the scalp daily
• Warm oil treatments weekly to help with irritation
• Diet- avoiding inflammatory foods like refined sugar, processed foods, caffeine and conventional dairy
• Support your microbiome / gut health (we love Ion Biome)
• Avoid products that contain sulfates or other ingredients that could potentially irritate or build-up on the scalp