How-To Style Using Milk And Rake

When our Founder and hairdresser, Garrett Markenson, cuts his clients’ hair, he almost always cocktails our cult favorite styling formulas - Milk Anti-Frizz Leave-In Nourishing Treatment and Rake Styling Balm. This combo helps nourish and hold any style - from softly defined curls, sleek chignons, coils to voluminous waves. 

Milk is a does-it-all leave-in conditioner with the texture of a lightweight serum that helps soften, moisturize and add shine all while removing any trace of frizz. Rake is a never-sticky balm with the feel and nourishment of a mask that holds any style in place while keeping hair super touchable.  Milk and Rake are a dream team that work together to nourish and hold for perfect hair every day.

Here’s the best way to use them on every hair type:


  1. Apply 1-2 pumps of Milk on wet hair out of the shower. If your hair is damaged and/or very dry, add a small dollop of Eros Resurrection Hair Mask for more conditioning.
  2. Skip brushing your hair post-shower - trust us! Just brush out the tangles before showering.
  3. Once hair is dry, apply two more pumps of Milk for frizz-busting benefits and brush through lightly with your fingers. No need to add Rake unless you're putting your hair up.

Straight / Thick

  1. Brush out any tangles before showering, and then shampoo & condition normally.
  2. After your shower, evenly apply 3-5 pumps of Milk to wet hair and run through hair without brushing.
  3. Air dry or blow dry, and once hair is 80% dry, apply a dime-sized amount of Rake for support and structure.


  1. Brush out any tangles before showering, and then once out of the shower, skip the brush and place hair with your fingers to amplify your natural texture. 
  2. Cocktail 2-5 pumps of Milk with a dime to nickel-sized amount of Rake into your palm and emulsify the formulas together.
  3. Evenly apply from the ends of hair up to mid-shaft in an upward scrunching motion for volume and texture. 


  1. On clean, wet hair that has been blotted with a microfiber towel, apply 2-3 pumps of Milk to sections, working from roots to ends in your favorite styling method, until strands are fully saturated.
  2. Emulsify Rake in between your palms and apply from roots to ends in sections. Tip: Keep hair wet with a spray bottle during the process.
  3. Diffuse or air dry hair. 


  1. On wet hair, apply Milk as a protective leave-in, squishing it into coils until saturated.
  2. Emulsify Rake in your palms and apply from roots to ends in sections until it's applied evenly all over. 
  3. Air dry, sit under a hood dryer, do a twist out, any other preferred or protective style.