Why You Should Exfoliate Your Scalp

If you aren't exfoliating your scalp, you definitely should be.  Exfoliating your scalp can help balance oil production, reduce flakes, remove build-up that could be stopping hair growth and add essential nutrients needed for optimal scalp health.  Suna Exfoliating Shampoo is formulated skincare quality ingredients to like - Rhassoul clay, hyaluronic acid, fermented essential mineral complex and a plant-based AHA - to do all of the above and more.  


Using a scalp exfoliant consistently can create a healthy environment for hair to grow. When you remove the dead skin cells on the scalp, you lower the enzyme population that contributes to hair shedding. Removing dead cells also encourages cellular turnover, allowing for fresh, healthy new cells to surface.


This is essential for protecting your scalp from aging, irritation and fungus. 


While having flakes on your scalp doesn’t always equal dandruff, it could be an indication of a dry and/or irritated scalp. Suna balances natural oils and locks in moisture with hyaluronic acid to keep your scalp and hair healthy.