Rinsing With Cold Water....Myth or Fact?

Good news for everyone who thought they had to suffer and rinse their strands in ice cold water for the sake of beautiful hair: You really don’t have to do that. 

We don’t really know where the rumor started but at some point we kept hearing that you should rinse your hair in freezing cold water in order to “seal your cuticles” and get “shinier hair.” The theory posits that just like cold water constricts the pores on your skin, it will close your hair cuticles, resulting in more shine.   

It’s false! And it’s been proven by scientists to be the wrong move. Chemists at the TRI Princeton research facility rinsed hair in water that was at least 98 degrees fahrenheit or below 65 and discovered that the cold water rinse did absolutely nothing in the shine department. In fact, after washing hair in warm water, hair was glossier. Why? If you rinse in cold water, it may not effectively remove all the product residue. Furthermore, cold water will cause the blood vessels on your scalp to constrict which prevents adequate blood flow during a critical moment when you are caring for your scalp.  Hair cuticles are like shingles on a roof, water is going to make those shingles expand and become lifted no matter the temperature. The more damaged the hair, the rougher it will feel. Conditioner can help restore smoothness to the cuticle until the next wash and protecting strands with a pre-shampoo oil like Ever Recovery Oil before washing is always a good idea.

So go ahead and wash your hair in warm (not hot!) water and enjoy that relaxing moment.

Now onto what’s more important when it comes to your shower water…

If you really want to reveal your shiniest, healthiest hair when you get out of the shower, invest in a great water filter. The quality of your water is the most important thing when it comes to a good wash. 

Did you know that every water system in the United States is chlorinated? This is technically a great thing because it helps kill icky bacteria, like e.coli., but it’s not great for our hair and skin. Your regular shower water also contains heavy metals and contaminants that can do a number of damaging things to your body, including (but definitely not limited to!) stripping the natural oils in your hair and skin (ever notice how dry you are when you get out of the shower?...even when you use a moisturizing body wash?), exacerbate skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, speed up loss of collagen due to the heavy metal buildup, as well as react with the natural melanin of your hair, possibly even changing your color.

The solution is a great water filter. Our favorite is the Jolie Shower Filter. Not only is it extremely easy to install (it comes with every single tool you need and takes less than ten minutes), it’s truly best in class, not to mention beautiful in every bathroom. Sleek and sexy, yet sturdy, Jolie contains the best filter we could find: a filter made of a proprietary blend of KDF-55 and calcium sulfite that exceeds the NSF-177 certifications. We also love that they have done multiple third-party labs tests for quality. Also, the water pressure is perfect.

Trust us, after your first wash with the Jolie filter, you will be forever changed. Not only will your hair be so unbelievably soft and your skin still moisturized, but you’ll feel great knowing you’re doing the right thing for the health of your body.

Bottom line

More than the temperature of your water, it’s so important to make sure the actual quality of your water is good. Investing in a quality shower filter, like Jolie, will make all the difference.