Born 09/11/1990 ~ Virgo Sun / Libra Rising /  Gemini Moon ~ 

Years behind the chair I graduated cosmetology school in 2008, so technically 9 years. If we're talking "committed" I'd say 6.5. 

Daily essentials 10 minutes (at least) of alone time, a green smoothie, music, a yoga class if I can get to one. Also, cheese fries? 

Magazine crush HEROINE & DAZED are my current crushes. The layouts are amazing! 

How did you get into hair? It's a story of jealousy, really. My sisters all have naturally red hair, and I don't. I wanted it - so my mom let me color my hair at home, which birthed this insane creature of change. I don't think I've kept the same hair "style" for more than a year. It's always been hair for me -- I wanted to go to school to teach music or English, but here I am. 

How do you build your brand? Truthfully? Trial and error. I know who I am, but I'm always trying to calculate how to use that to best reach people. It's not easy being the odd person out, but it is easy knowing that I don't necessarily need to change who I am. I thrive on marketing myself to the people that are just a pinch out of the ordinary. 

How do you conduct a successful consultation? LISTENING. Giving honest feedback. Patience. The things that new clients frequently tell me in the consultation is that their former stylist "was too safe" or they "stopped listening." I'm always trying to change the way I approach the haircut. What works? What doesn't work? What do you like? What do you HATE? Sometimes, listening to what people DISLIKE and working backwards from there creates a better result. 

Do you say no to your clients? Absolutely. If they're not going to take care of the haircut, or they don't have the texture (density, etc.) for it, I'm real with them. I will however, work my damnedest to find something alternately that works.

Do you have a signature approach with your technique? I try very hard to (realistically) push boundaries with my clients. Something as clean and simple as a fade, to something even more complex - it doesn't matter, I want to help them take it to the limit...and then farther. 


Whats in your kit? BMAC scissors, Elchim dryer, Denman 7 row brush, Vess flat brush,  white Cesibon combs...MILK (duh). I usually don't stray very far from MARE, either. 

Do you enjoy the work or the end product? If I'm being honest, the work. I know it sounds so cliche --  but is there ever really an end product? 

What are your thoughts on our craft industry? More than could fit into a one page interview! As a CRAFT, I think that there needs to be a harder push in the direction of true "craftsmanship." It is our responsibility to hold one another accountable for raising the standard. As a matter of fact, that's so important to me AND my crew that we have "Be accountable" as one of our "X Laws Of Craft Hairdressing" at X. 

Who do you look to for inspiration on Instagram? @ZGAT @tracisak_hair @guidopalau @amberharlan @eugenesouleiman

Have you ever felt discouraged in your craft? Yes! Absolutely. It can become a vortex if you're feeling that you're lacking inspiration, motivation, and gaining only frustration. I have made it a goal in both my craft / "real" life to only surround myself with people who are moving forward  & staying true to themselves. Sometimes you have to take a step back and look at yourself to see what's lacking in YOU. How can YOU get un-stuck? Is it environmental? Is it personal? Do what you need to do.

How do you stay golden? Iron sharpens iron, right? My crew at X. I probably would have shipped myself off to a different city or country, or gone full blown hermit if it wasn't for them and opening X. They're brilliant and I do my best to push myself to be their fearless leader. Coffee helps, too.