Born CHERIN Van Nuys CA SAL January 20th 1989 Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

Daily essentials CHERIN REVERIE MILK and EVER (TRUTH) SAL Palo santo, copal & sage.

Years behind the chair CHERIN 6 Years. SAL"Legally" at age 23 when I graduated from hair school. First cut hair at 13 & havent stopped since.

Crush CHERIN Tie between Bjork and Yayoi Kusama. SAL Spanish model Cecilia Gomez 

Where did you hair journey begin? CHERIN As a high school senior I went to a beauty school to get my hair done, that's when I knew I wanted to do hair! SAL At 13 when I first moved from Mexico to the states. I started cutting my own hair as a resource to save money, and because everyone I tried was horrible! I thought I could do a better job since I was always the artistic kid. Till age 19 I worked at my garage, from then worked at a barbershop till 22,went to hair school & graduated at 23. From then I've worked at Sally Hershbergers as an assistant, Ramirez Tran as a stylist now at Benjamin Arts District

How has social media impacted your craft? CHERIN I have built my entire business with social media. It is an amazing sharing tool to showcase my work. SAL I've always made use of the platforms through time like Myspace, Facebook & now Instagram. Ive always thought that if I want people to know my work I needed to get it out there. Nowadays it allows me to have an effect on someone thats in Australia as well as someone that is my next door neighbor by only posting a picture while I am at the comfort of my bed. 

What are your thoughts on our industry? CHERIN I love the beauty industry, it's an amazing feeling to transform people for a living. We are blessed to empower people by helping individuals put their best foot forward. SAL I think its changing very rapidly, personally I am very excited for it. I am one that believes that it is a fine mixture between art & psychology. I think that its been years of just looking at it as a solely superficial  world, whereas (speaking for myself) Im changing it into a place where I build up my clients by giving them confidence through haircuts & styles that are organic, and curated just for them by doing so making them embrace their own natural state. I think its time to connect with people at a deeper level and grow together as one. 

What kind of stories do yo think our industry should be covering? CHERIN The movement toward conscious living.  SAL Stories that talk about growth and love for others oppose to individualistic, egotist ically driven hairstylists that only care for fame & money

How do you stay informed with your craft? CHERIN Daily hands on work. I've taken courses and always ask questions to my peers.  SAL I have found that what works best for me is to ignore what everyone else is doing, and do as I wish from my natural creativity, I find inspiration from the places I travel, that be a city or a town in the middle of nowhere, a beach, the dessert, the jungle. thats what inspires me. 

What are you reading right now? CHERIN Patti Smith- Just Kids. SAL At the moment Im reading Isis Unveiled

What was the last education class you took? CHERIN I love Whittemore House! Whittemore House Salon hosts an amazing class filled with passion for this industry, I left inspired with new techniques on hair painting. I take classes regularly with the salon and enjoy education.  Every day I work I'm learning something new about color. 

Whats in your kit? CHERIN Whittemore house, Redken color, and REVERIE EVER Recovery hair Oil SAL Very minimal: scissors, comb, brush, curling iron, blowdryer, oil, REVERIE MARE Mediterranean Sea Mist, and Volume powder 

How do yo conduct a succesful consultation? CHERIN Fully understanding the clients needs and lifestyle. The hair should suit their ability to maintain the look. SAL Listening, I listen to my clients till they say everything they want. Then I ask them to tell me what they like and dont like about their hair. I finish up with pictures, visuals cant lie, I go over images and ask clients to tell me what is it in specific that they like about it, sometimes what they like is just the person that has the hair and not the actual hair.

Do you say no to your clients? CHERIN All the time. Anytime it's not going to suit their lifestyle or match their skin tone, it's more of a suggestion than a hard no, I'm open to discussing and trying to find the right look for them.  SAL Yes, but i am a big believer that everything is possible, I like to be able to give my clients what nobody has been able to give them. I say no only when I think timing is not right, in other words I tell my clients no when I think that its not the right time for what they want just yet.

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