Years behind the chair 14. When I turn 40 I will have been cutting hair for more than half my life.

Daily essentials green tea, morning dance party with my daughter, 20 min meditation, when have a free moment Instagram to see what I can get inspired by, and night cap with a bourbon.

Magazine crush POP

Its clear after watching you work and visiting your space that you have a passion for your community.  You support local artist and host events.  Tell us about them At Tailored we opened the salon having in mind that it had to have a community-family atmosphere supporting and celebrating other artist work. From painters to jewelry designers we hold POP-UP events giving artist a space to show off their work.
On the hair side of things we’ve expanded the salon into having an Academy, teaching courses on weekends and comprehensive. To help get our name out I thought it would be a lot of fun to create a casual free night that local SF hairstylist could come and get inspired by watching a couple demos, enjoying drinks and taking home something to try on a client the next day. Any way I can help the local SF Artist and Hair community it makes my heart happy.

Who is your client? A perfectionist, pays attention to detail, appreciates art, has a lot of drive and usually high up in company or independent and thriving. I find them very intellectually interesting and a joy to talk to. Most of my clients get a classic Sassoon shape with a personal touch or wearable art. I feel like people come to our salon to get something a little different than the norm.

Your salon design is exceptional! What is the story of the design? I was fortunate to work with a long time client Amy Campos who is an amazing architect. I had a vision of how I wanted it to look and feel and she was able to make it come to life. The things I asked for was plywood, the best salon chairs, minimal feel, green as possible, movable stations so the salon could be able to morph into an event space, and multi-functional furniture that acts as seating, table, or product shelves when put into clusters. Being so lucky my husband is very handy and created all the custom pieces so we were able to really design something that is functional and aesthetically pleasing not to mention without braking the budget. Space is a very important part and all the details matter the most to me because I want the brand and space to represent who we are as stylist.

How do you keep your team motivated? Never letting the standard down, always give credit when credit is deserved, photoshoots for collections, education, and create an environment that is positive and team building not destroying.

What is your point of view on women in the world of hairdressing? Well do you want the truth or not. Ok how I feel is that it’s just like any other career and there is more men at the top than women. It seems like it is becoming more even so that is nice to see but still needs work.

Have you ever felt discouraged in your craft? I haven’t felt discouraged with the craft itself as I feel so lucky to have a passion for something that is so personal and amazing. I have felt discouraged with the level of education that the schools are teaching and product companies taking away individual successes.

I love looking around your space and not seeing and trashy gossip rags.  What editorial waiting room content do you share with them. As I said before detail is my thing so I’m not into dirty magazines sitting around. Instead we have iPads that have an app where your client can read any type of magazine they are into. We also have a collection of books that I decided didn’t need to sit on my shelves at home anymore and wanted people to enjoy them.

Your foundation is routed in your time at Sassoon Salon.  What was that experience like? I can not think them enough for giving me my knowledge and strength. I have always wanted to do hair since I was a little kid and researched the best cosmetology school and going there changed my life. I have always needed an explanation for everything so cutting the Sassoon way really felt right. I was a baby at 18 when I joined the company and was obsessed, it was my life for most of my 20’s until I reached a point I felt ready to expand my wings and create my voice which is now Tailored Salon. When you are so used to working with such amazing people you never stop learning which is what keeps the brand so strong and that is one thing I learned from Sassoon is to never lose your standard.

What do the people of San Francisco love about Tailored Salon?   SF has always been an eclectic city looking to be different and always evolving which suits the brand of Tailored very well. We offer amazing quality and consistency. Most people that live in SF have a very high standard especially with services and I am confident that we provide each client with exceptional services.

What are your essential tools? 5" and 51/2" mizutani scissors, Mason Pearson brush, y.s. Park comb and clips, clips from the kingly group, and GHD flat iron. 

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