Years behind the chair 30

Daily essentials Meditation, dog walks, spending time outside with my kids and wife, and changing lots of diapers! haha! Being esthetically oriented, I find myself incorporating design into my everyday life. Whether it be my home, yard, house, salon etc…

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You've been doing hair for some time.  What keeps you in it? What keeps your drive? Improving the architecture of each guest's hair, whether it be a simple matter of tailoring the existing shape, or creating a new look. It's my craft and I love it. Every hair style is a unique sculpture.


You’re a dad now.  How do you balance it and keep your creative process following? Playing with the kids keeps my minds perspective young and fresh. Now my 6 year old is helping sweep up at the salon. My 1 year old is also bringing such joy into my life  I naturally share that joy with all my guests at the salon.


Your salon's seasonal Art Directors are elected demorcratlly.  Tell us about it? I came from a European background of training where the art direction was political and more of a dictatorship. I wanted even the youngest members of our team to have a chance at bringing artistic vision to the team. Our current Art Director is actually the newest member of the team.


You’re one of the first  salons downtown L.A./historic bank district.  You're an innovator. How did your first come to land here?  As one who spent years in London and Hong Kong and now an Angeleno for many years I often fantasized about LA having a real city center. I used to live in Chinatown and had an amazing view of the downtown LA skyline. I thought how wonderful to be part of revitalizing our historic core. I bought a loft in the fashion district several years back and began walking the streets of dtla looking for my future home of the Darling DryCut.

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Dry cutting philosophy ONLY and exclusively. Why? I spent years perfecting the traditional wet cut/blow out approach only to find my guests never looked as good when left to their own styling. I wanted to create a cut that was not dependent on a pro blow out. In addition, I was frustrated at how the hair looked and performed going from wet to dry. The curls shrank, the cow licks kicked and I thought "this is not giving me optimum results." Therefore, I started to cut the hair in its natural state and found it worked so much better! It was harder to section and hold, but the pay off of a haircut that worked with minimal styling was worth it. I also was aware how the hair is harmed through abrasive techniques such as slide cutting and razoring and abandoned those harmful techniques. I adopted new techniques to achieve similar effect without the damage. That philosophy is the backbone our DryCut salons. Offer the highest quality cuts, with minimal styling needed and never harm the hair!

Whats in your kit Hikari dry cut scissors, wide tooth cutting comb and MILK by REVERIE.


You’re big on salon/community events. I love them.  How does that build your culture? We get together as a team regularly for education and creative events at the salon such as runway shows and parties. These events offer great team building opportunities and provide inspiration for our guests. We experience a creative collaboration and our clients enjoy our presentations and recognize our commitment to being the best at what we do.


Emmy award winning, what was that like? After years of work in the T.V. world it is such an honor to receive the highest award. Very humbling to stand in the Kodak Theater in Hollywood and be awarded that trophy!


Every time we connect you have new concepts your playing with. What's next for the Curt Darling brand? Education. After years of enjoying working with  trained stylists of the traditional model,  I'm now excited to be planning a beauty school to train hairstylists as DryCut specialists from the ground up!

Contact Curt Darling 440 S. Main St, Los Angeles CA 90013 213-426-4000