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Born  I was born and raised in Korea.

Years behind the chair  I have been doing hair for 17 years. 

Daily essentials  Some coffee and a snickers bar can get me through my day. But I’m feeling my best when I look the best; you can never go wrong with wearing the color black.

You have mentored so many assistants including me. Tell me more about your approach?   I believe that education is everything. It equates to quality for me, and I want everyone that I have mentored to produce their highest quality work at all times. I would never expect for anyone that I have trained to be at the upmost standard if I was not able to give them the highest quality education. 

I have never heard of anyone taking more advanced education than you.  Your team is encouraged as well.  What are some of your favorite academies you recommend?  I have taken many courses from Vidal Sassoon and have recently become very involved with education from Nick Arrojo; both academies are highly recommended.

You run a tight salon.  What is your philosophy?  It is a tremendous privilege to own a salon with so many amazing stylists who are thriving in their own environment. I have always done my best in letting my stylists know that their work is important to me and the salon. In order to run a structurally sound salon, you must start from the ground up in making sure that everyone is on the same page. We are all working towards the same dream of being the very best we can be.

Do you enjoy the work or the end product?  My passion is hair, and this means I love the art of it. I enjoy the work of creating something beautiful for my clients because my only goal is to let them discover their true natural beauty.

Do you have a signature approach with your technique?  My favorite techniques are razor cutting and balayaging. I make sure that my cuts produce easy outcomes for my clients in the sense of easy maintenance and styling. Dessange, Paris has inspired my balayaging techniques for very natural colored hair. I view cutting as sketching or drawing a picture, and balayaging as painting the picture.

What are your kit essentials?  You will never catch me without my Arrojo razor, Reverie MILK. 

Do you say no to your clients?  I do. Sometimes it is necessary in preserving the dignity of their hair which is my first priority.

What were you doing before you did hair?  Before I came to America, I was a registered nurse in Korea. By doing this, it helped me realized where my true passion was.  Ever since I can remember I’ve had a passion for hair and the fashion industry. I decided to start my new life in the land of opportunity to fulfill my dream, and it has been everything I have asked for and more.

What do you enjoy about where you work?   Having a positive environment is the key to my enjoyment. Every day always leaves me with a new hair goal and new knowledge. The best part is that I do what I love, so I’m never truly working a day in my life.

Who do you look to for inspiration on instagram?  @anhcotran, @taceycunninham1, and @guytang! Their post always are up to date and give me inspiration for a new day! 

Contact Shannon Rha 25375 Wayne Mills Pl., Valencia, CA 91355  661-799-7272