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This brush is discontinued. Get the last one while you caStrongest tension of all Y.S. Park brushes which makes it a great drying and finishing brush for thicker hair.Oval shape:  Combining a large diameter brush (for straightening) and a regular brush (for adding curY.S. Park “Air Hole” System is a system of small holes made along the center root of the bristles, allowing heated air to circulate through the entire brush, all the way to the bristle roots.  This eliminates the build-up of hair-damaging heat pockets, and it reduces the time (and energy) spent on blow drying.

Made in Japan


For thick hair.  Super Straight Shine Stylers are made from natural Teak wood with 100 percent Boar Bristles. The Boar bristles smooth the hair’s cuticle creating more shine with a sleeker and straighter look. This brush is shaped oval rather than round for better smoothing of the ends. The different sized bristled rows create more volume at the roots while continuing to smooth the hair. Designed with the signature Y.S. PARK ventilation holes around the bristles for quicker drying also contributes to creating more volume. The wood handle is shaped for comfort with ventilation holes that dry hands faster for a better grip. The neck of the handle is designed for easier and faster rolling. 


Made in Japan.


Remove any excess hair from your brush and swirl the brush in a bowl of lukewarm water with a little shampoo in the water.  Rinse thoroughly, removing all soap, dirt, hair and oils.  Air dry.