This list has been created in collaboration with many salons/business owners in order to help other salon owners and hairstylists prepare to reopen. This list is not limited too, but in addition to the strict sanitation measures already mandated by the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology mandates. These measures will be updated as the necessary standards become clearer, or required by law.  Drop us an email at to add your ideas.  Please share this link with your team or friends on social media.


  • Less hours behind the chair and split shifts. Dividing the salon into small groups that limited potential risk. Should an infection occur, hopefully it can be contained to one group
  • Suggest shorter shifts for hairdressers and extra time between services
  • Consider charging hourly for all services. Take a minute outside and to fully sanitize for the next guest
  • Partition between shampoo bowls
  • Only clients with appointments are welcome. No addition guest such as friends, children, or pets can be in the space
  • Waiting room. If possible try to redirect clients to wait in their cars till the hairdresser is ready to begin their appointment
  • Air purifiers and Eye-VAC for cleaning up cut hair
  • Break room limited to one person at a time
  • If possible, create a new space outside the salon where staff can escape to reset and relax
  • Remove all magazines and books
  • No beverages service
  • All guest must come wearing a mask during the services. Have additional masks for sale
  • 6 feet tape markings
  • Online booking and pre-payments if available.  Utilize contactless chip readers
  • “Clean Hair Policy” all clients required to come to the appointment with clean, dry hair to limit use of shampoo bowls to color services
  • Limit use of blow dryers and hot tools
  • Create a liability waiver for your staff and clients to sign with your attorney to absolve you from any responsibility should someone claim they contracted COVID-19 from your business
  • To be eligible for a service, all clients must be asymptomatic of any illness (including colds or unexpected allergies that might be early signs of a cold) for a period of at least 14 days prior to the to the appointment
  • Clients must reschedule their appointments if they have traveled, been in contact with someone who is ill, or been in contact with someone who has exposure to the virus (even if they are symptomatic ), within 14 days of their appointment
  • All this said, there will be no quarantine on listening to music and generating good vibes.