New Orleans, Louisiana— February 2, 2017, The Left Brain Group, the premier boutique talent agency, representing hairdressers, impassioned artists and image- makers within hair and beauty, hosted their first ever 2-day lifestyle event on January 29th and 30th, entitled Bayou St. Blonde.

This one of a kind immersive experience showcased 12 elite artists as they explored
7 local spaces, bringing their canvas to life, with New Orleans serving as its backdrop; drawing on the convergence of fashion and culture, alongside curated pieces with local artists. “I set out to create an intimate event where the audience can observe the artists in motion, hear their brand stories and experience the city of New Orleans, up close and personal...aka a Hair-Cation,” said Aryn Detres, President, The Left Brain Group.

The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum played host to Garrett Markenson, founder of REVERIE, Haircare Reimagined. NOPM highlighted the blurred dichotomy between our past of bloodletting, surgical instruments, potions, elixirs and hand-blown apothecary bottles filled with crude drugs, medicine herbs, and “gris-gris” potions used by Voodoo practitioners and the modernity and care of product design today. Inspired by the mystery and mood of the space, the courtyard was designed to resemble a seance circle, lined with candles hand painted by local artist David Moore (aka Zombieboy), while models wore custom headpieces designed by Chloe Rose of GypsyJunk.


Markenson presented three stunning looks including a haircut on model Wednesday Tomorrow Bird which was a continuation of a collaborative color story with Whittemore House co-owner, Larry Raspanti showcasing their new revolutionary lightening powder, HAIR PAINTTM. The end result was very effective, modern short bob with a microbang; full of dimension, movement and interest.

The photo story shot by Carlos Detres was inspired by E.J. Bullocq, the myth of Storyville and the mystique of New Orleans.

Hair Garrett Markenson
Hair Color Larry Raspanti (Whittemore House) Styling Erik John
Make-Up Javier Mena
Wardrobe Ali McNally
Models (blonde) Caroline @FiftyTwo45 (redhead) Olivia @FiftyTwo45 Wednesday Tomorrow Bird 


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