Traci Sakosits

Born  Let’s just say that I am not a millennial 

Years behind the chair  Proud to say , 24 years with Sassoon Salons and Academies  this Year 

Daily essentials quality time with my son Charlie , a fresh juice,  time to read,  a walk 

Thanks for making the time to be transparent with us.  I’m always renewed after our creative chats. Conversations with you can be hypnotic. Thank you  I always enjoy the time ,the conversations and the ideas shared together. I believe when there is a mutual respect between people conversations are natural and impassioned.

You have committed yourself as a educator to the craft of hairdressing for 20 years. What is your perspective on the generational difference with students now vs when you began? What I do know is that the best students “showed up” and were always present.  What is more important than the differences between the generations  is understanding the ones in front of us at this very moment. I am really curious about what makes the future generation of hairdressers tick. What are their priorities ?   What do they want out of a career in hair ?  What makes them feel valued? Currently i am reading a book on the subject,  Interviewing future hairdressers and people that seem interested in a career in hair Also staying in close touch with the newest students and hairdressers. It is a little project of mine at the moment.  

Has has technology changed the industry? Thankfully technology cannot cut hair and hairdressing is still a craft honed by a human hand. Technology has made information so eccessible  and being able to see things as they happening changes the game for sure.  Modern communication brings the world together. As for the Industry, once the clients are in the salon/academy it still is about humane touch and personal interaction.

Do you have a preference teaching cosmetology vs advanced students?  I Love to teach students at every level. It is amazing being able to take a person through a journey of new learning . Also rewarding is being able to relight inspiration and ideas in an experienced hairdresser. When you get to re engage the enthusiasm and strengthen technique in a person,  it in turn is ten fold and it carries on further than you could ever imagine. 

How do you stay golden? Ha Golden my favorite word of the moment  ….. Tried and true, very polished and of value .  If you ask my now 6 year old son what his favorite color is he says golden and i am in love with that.  My son keeps my eyes wide open and reminds me to live in the moment. I try to surround myself with great people and constantly trying to learn new things.

You have traveled the world teaching the craft of hair.  How has that developed you as a hairdresser?  The travel has made my life so rich and taught me so much about people and of course hair. The technique of hair like any design concept can come full circle and has for me. In the beginning I was happy if the client was happy but also realized that it could be so much more , so I practiced and practiced and practiced then taught . As a teacher you learn so much. Once gaining more confidence, I found myself traveling the world with some amazing hairdressers , the likes of Tim Harley, Anne Humphreys and the team at that time helped me get to the next level. Tim taught me so much about suitability, fashion and design….so inspiring.  And Now I work along side Mark Hayes who is, I think one of the most precise haircutters ever.  Watching him cut hair is mesmerizing and I love to listen to him talk about hair.  Mark, the team that I work along side and my students from all over the world have challenged my technique even further.  It feels like my technique is “pure hair design”, super precise, suitable always and has come full circle. 

 Whats essential in your tool bag? My tool bag itself is the key essential , Toto Bag by Otaat X REVERIE. It is my favorite piece.   Thank you Garrett.  Inside what you would find is minimal .  Skinny silver clips X4 , YS park combs X3 , Hikari scissors X2  a Vess brush , a mason Pearson, and some cut hair.

From my experience a lot of hair educator companies you reference to tell a story but miss the look completely.  Do you need the reference? A reference can be valuable , Not only for a collection but also for a haircut itself.  A reference gives you boundaries of the Look . When I first discuss a haircut with a student or a client i talk about it as a look instead of a technique. This is where a reference could be key.  It can put people into similar mind set .

You told me you “ collect people” tell us more. It is important when you connect with special people you keep up with them and make time for them. At the academy and in the salons I find sometimes a natural connection with models, team, and students that is fueled by a mutual respect and intrigue  I try then to experience time together through assisting, cutting hair, mentoring and collaborating.  In this industry we find ourselves surrounded by the most creative inspiring people. If you happen to cross paths with one that is really special collect them. I love good people and want to surround myself with them so yes sometime I “collect people”. ……….hold them dear

As a teacher do pursue other interest as a student? To be a great teacher you have to always  be willing to learn. Personally over the years I have pursued other interests as a student some that are directly related to the industry and some that have nothing to do with . This past  year I spent most of my free time designing our family home from the ground up. That was a huge learning experience. And  currently I am  a student learning pilates. My mind loves it, my body well it’s not so sure .

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