Mariana Saldana of BOAN @ms.boan.
Her sound is progressive, was the soundtrack of Moschino SS2020 fashion show, and much more that I can not yet share. This Texas based duo now lives in LA. I first meet her at my salon. Her energy is addictive and warm. After cutting her hair I knew I needed to share more about her with you. Mariana has been kind enough to host us in her home and participate in this interview. I styled her hair wet with MILK, all over. When dry I worked in a wave with a half inch curling iron and finished with MARE. A dissolved but elegant look. Hope you enjoy and go see them live!
First song you wrote?
 -The first song we wrote for BOAN is BABYLON. It's actually the first song on our album MENTIRAS. Although it is very warm, smooth and beautiful, it's about living through the apocalypse.
When Is the New Album Out? 
 -2020 IS OUR YEAR! We are releasing the new album this Fall on Italians do it Better and also repressing our first record. It's a double release kind of year. 
Your favorite smell?
 -I really love Sandalwood, Cedar, Vertiver and Neroli. I am currently wearing Maison Louis Marie No4 parfumée. I smelt it on a fancy fan in Dallas and had to have it! 
Thoughts on hair?
 -The Bigger the Hair the Closer to God! I have loved having long hair most of my life. Whipping it around on stage its such a powerful expression and feels really really good. Seriously, you should try it, even if you don't have hair just pretend you do! Its like a protective psychic blanket for me. I also still secretly love the crimper, sorry I'm from the 80's
What is your favorite part about performing?
- My favorite part of performing is this magical time in between songs where the crowd screams and I scream back at them. We open a playful sassy dialogue. I really love being that connected to the fans it almost feels like a one on one. Then we toast to the evening and enter back into the music and everyone dances!
Whats in your Tour Survival Kit?
- This is a great question. Charcoal tablets are an absolute MUST, a B-complex vitamin and Trace Mineral Drops keep my human body in check. My beauty bag ALWAYS HAS  Marvis Toothpaste, Tea Tree Oil, Weleda Ultra Rich SkinFood for winter & Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream for summer, Derma-E Hydrating Mist, Skin Ceuticals SPF50, Crystal Body Deodorant Stick, Jelly Lip Balm, REVERIE hair Milk and my Mason Pearson brush. Add a full coverage concealer + beauty blender and no one will ever know you've been up all night, non stop, city to city!  
Any pre show rituals? 
- My pre show ritual is getting Show Ready. It's not often you get quiet time to yourself so if I have even 5 minutes I try to get in a quick grounding meditation, check in on my body and rub some Migraine Magic Oils on my head. I do my Makeup and Hair while practicing vocal warm ups. There is definitely some glitter involved, I love to do a smoky eye with chrome glitter lids... Believe it or not, I do this entire process in the car/van all the time. Lastly, I slip into my catsuit and it's SHOWTIME BABY! 
What are you looking forward to in 2020?
 -Bigger dressing rooms, more girlfriends, better bubbly and a world tour. That's all I want! 
Photography by Bliss Braoudakis @blisskatherine
Hair by Garrett Markenson @garrettmarkenson


Mariana Saldaña