There is none like Ys Park.  I have meet him several time and it has always been my pleasure to shake the hand of the man who designs tools that help me be stronger at my craft.  You can then imagine how exciting it is to collaborate on a brush together.  

This Straightening Brush with Negative Ions! Sanitary: Features an Ionic Anti-bacterial and Deodorization coating. Hair Friendly: Anti-Static bristles eliminates static electricity, and Y.S. Park Air Holes allows heat to penetrate while preventing build-up of heat pockets.

The motto “SAVE THE EARTH to clean the people, friendly to humans and the earth” and has been the policy in consideration of the global environment specifically from the small things that we can do.


With hair design proposal, YSPARK is developing a complete original of their beauty tools such as brush, comb, styling, and shampoo. At present, not only in Japan, has been highly regarded by stakeholders beauty of the world. You can make “things”, is that it can be simply because I understand all hair

YS Parks