From ancient times, the Japanese believe a soul is to live in the tool that has been continuously used. Living in the time of mass production and mass consumption; we feel we should not forget the thought “to use a favorite tool regularly for a long time”.  The result of research and development from the material foundations, design, and production with considering the relation between “Hair”, “Hand” and “Scissors”, we are particular about hand making our scissors one by one.


MIZUTANI SCISSORS are continuously making products without forgetting the tradition, passion, pride and skill that have been taken over from craftsman to craftsman in many generations. Our scissors are not standardized articles made by machine. All are “Not the same” so there is warmth in each and it is fit & finished by and one by one from the steel plate. Everybody is strongly attached to the scissors they have used for a long time. Affectionately, you will use KURO for years to come and that brings us supreme pleasure.


The ACRO TYPE-K and TYPE-M reliable workhorses that can be used for a broad variety of cutting tasks are so popular that their users don’t want to part with them, even for repairs. This long-selling product of Mizutani, which has become an object of timeless affection, is now reborn for the first time in 13 years, becoming even easier to use. While maintaining the classic original shape, we’ve achieved evolution by remanufacturing the details such as the components, the shape of the blade, and the way it fits comfortably in your hand. The design of the blade also inherits the genes of the ACRO. With all fat boldly trimmed away, this model has evolved into the ideal balance so you can enjoy its bite, which is even sharper than it looks. The NEW ACRO TYPE-K and TYPE-M, which hide their user-friendliness behind their pointed design, show us the way that scissors should be in order to enjoy hair design.

  • Includes a leather sleeve with the Reverie logo embossed 


Collaborating drives my creative in unexpected ways.  I love that surprise.  I discovered OTAAT by searching for the perfect Dopp Kit. I wanted something for that would be a perfect mobile bag. Established in Los Angeles 2010, OTAAT creates minimalist accessories for everyday luxury, with a fundamental belief in simplicity.  The creator and owner is Albert who received his bachelor of science in civil engineering from Berkeley and a master in Architecture form Harvard (he's smart). He has worked on projects around the world as well as my favorite Maison Martin Margiela.

We stated working together with the shared concept of a creating something unique for our craft.  The end result was better than i cold imagine.  In contrast to his current line. Our bag is 

all BLACK.  The interior has a large zipper pocket in addition to 5 button flat pocket.  Perfect home for scissors, combs, make up brushes etc.. What i LOVE about the TOTO bag is that the double zipper allows the bag to open fully flat.  Creating a great mobile work space.  This bag is for the minimalist stylist who appreciated limited luxury handmade goods.  enjoy!

I asked my friend Traci Sakosits Regional Creative Director of Sassoon Academy to be the first to demo our bag.  She debut the TOTO bag January 2014 at the ISSE show and has been using ever since!


There is none like Ys Park.  I have meet him several time and it has always been my pleasure to shake the hand of the man who designs tools that help me be stronger at my craft.  You can then imagine how exciting it is to collaborate on a brush together.  

This Straightening Brush with Negative Ions! Sanitary: Features an Ionic Anti-bacterial and Deodorization coating. Hair Friendly: Anti-Static bristles eliminates static electricity, and Y.S. Park Air Holes allows heat to penetrate while preventing build-up of heat pockets.

The motto “SAVE THE EARTH to clean the people, friendly to humans and the earth” and has been the policy in consideration of the global environment specifically from the small things that we can do.


With hair design proposal, YSPARK is developing a complete original of their beauty tools such as brush, comb, styling, and shampoo. At present, not only in Japan, has been highly regarded by stakeholders beauty of the world. You can make “things”, is that it can be simply because I understand all hair

YS Parks



Graypants is a conceptual design studio. Ran by authentic and passion driving humans.  After visiting with them in there studio over a few beer (in studio bar). We discuss each others dreams and vision. We had to collaborate.  It is the collective that fuels us.   

They  responsibly create products, architecture, and other fun things around the world. Founded in 2008, Graypants operates teams in Seattle and Amsterdam solving problems and collaborating with clients and retail partners worldwide.

We strive to realize ideas that are thoughtful. Whether it be furniture, lighting, architecture or graphics, each of our projects has a story. Most importantly, we have fun doing it! We enjoy collaborating with all walks of life – that is where we find true inspiration.

“Let the beauty we love, be what we do.” – rumi

The lights designed by Graypants are definitely Scrap lights – 100% made out of salvaged cardboard.The Seattle-based office Graypants designed a series of pendant so called Scrap lights – lights created out of salvaged and sliced cardboard sheets that are formed to spheres.

The duo behind Graypants studio are often found on the streets of Seattle looking around for the material they need for the structure of their signature fixtures: cardboard boxes.

To form the Scrap lights, rings are cut by laser out of these found cardboard boxes, layered and then glued together to spheres in a way that light can fall through to cast shadows on the wall. These spheres are coated to be fire-resistant before they are hung from the ceiling as semi transparent pendant lamps.

Even though the Scrap lamps designed by Graypants are around for a while they are still striking examples of how to transform used materials into elegant design: Easily built, affordable and environmentally responsible.



I made these for my trip to Austin to give out to the salons and stylist.  Use mine everyday.  Thinking about making more.  What do you think?

All of our Scout Book papers are 100% recycled and sourced from paper mills in the Pacific Northwest and Midwest. By supporting domestic paper mills, we can help strengthen our local economy. By having our papers travel shorter distances to get here, we can lessen the impact that freight transport can have on the environment.

We print all Scout Books with vegetable-based inks made from plant oils like safflower, soy, corn and canola. Our inks are expertly milled and mixed right here in Portland.



This poster will be your guide to better understand the product and where it comes from. This poster is a small token of the love and care that has gone into making MILK.


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