Nothing eles come close.  Never will you feel more sexy shopping for beauty cosmetics.

Located in a discreet penthouse on Melrose Place in Los Angeles, VIOLET GREY began as a private dressing studio for Hollywood denizens. Its storied walls (the space was formerly owned by legendary architect John Elgin Woolf) were dotted with original Edith Head illustrations. Upon its silk rugs were stacks of pristine white file boxes filled with found treasures along with dozens of rare and vintage photography books. Every shelf, vanity, and powder room was brimming with beauty products. The studio inevitably became an oasis of inspiration for stars, stylists, and artists but the story was just beginning to unravel…

VIOLET GREY is now pleased to introduce The Violet Files and The Shelves. 

READ The Violet Files, a digital magazine dedicated to documenting Hollywood beauty culture in collaboration with celebrated storytellers in fashion and film. From exclusive cover stories on film industry luminaries to beauty tutorials by the industry’s leading experts and artists, VIOLET GREY and its discerning network of contributors, stands to offer a compelling glimpse into Hollywood beauty through the written word and a modern, editorial lens.

SHOP The Shelves on and in the store on Melrose Place. The Shelves are an evolving curation of beauty products deemed necessary by those who know beauty best— Hollywood’s leading artists, experts, and specialists. From the thousands upon thousands of beauty products available today VIOLET GREY and its community of artists have adhered to The Violet Code (a set of exacting standards for each product to be held accountable by) and rigorously tested, vetted, and authenticated an exclusive and highly edited selection of beauty—Hollywood’s hero products.

From the most coveted products used by artists during red carpet season to the nine highest performing concealers, your search for the best in beauty ends with VIOLET GREY.